Pet Sitting
& Dog Walking in your Home

In Home Pet Care Seattle equals PEACE OF MIND!

In Home Pet Care
In Home Pet Care

Pet Care in Seattle, Washington

Don’t board or cage your beloved pets! Often, they return home out-of-sorts, with ailments or kennel cough. Let them stay at home in their natural environment. We will come to your home and lovingly care for your pets while you are away. We feed them and clean their bowls, walk the dog(s), and maintain the litter boxes.

In Home Pet Care

How are we different?


All of our clients love their furry babies...that's a given. However we strive to magnify that love and attention.
What other pet company do you know that has back up help, if a client is delayed coming home, has a later flight, or must stay at work longer than expected? Their dog(s) can't suffer and need to go out!
In Home Pet Care Seattle HAS YOUR BACK!
In addition to our services we provide:

  • Free initial home consultation;
  • Owners will always know what sitter is coming to their home;
  • Our sitters are licensed, bonded and insured;
  • We don’t charge more for multiple pets;
  • We will disguise the fact that you are away by bringing in your newspapers and mail, putting out and taking in garbage cans, water your plants, and turning different lights on and off;
  • We will give medications and simple medical procedures to your pets;
  • We send photos of your pets every day via email or text message;
  • We keep a daily log of our visits, which we leave for you to read and keep.

All at no additional charge!

In Home Pet Care

How Much Do We Charge?

We charge $45 for ½ hour visits, $55 for 45 minutes, and $65 per hour for cat sitting and dog walking in our market area during the hours of 8 a.m. and 6 p.m. (Surcharges apply to after-hours visits and visits outside our market area).

Discounts for Seniors and SHAG residents

Call for prices for other services.
Staying overnight is NO problem!
Overnights and house sitting pricing, on a case by case basis.

We will be there for you if emergencies require that you leave home suddenly.

We will take your pet to the vet if need be.

We will pet sit in hotel rooms while the pet owners take in the sights or have a night on the town. Many hotels love us, as they don’t want barking dogs to disturb other guests!

Don’t pass up a vacation, a trip with your spouse, or a spontaneous getaway.

In Home Pet Care